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are at an all-time high, so it’s not about should you start an e-commerce business, it’s about which business is right for you?

As an Industry leader for nearly two decades, there is much more than a good product to consider when you are looking for that perfect work from WiFi opportunity.


Being a wellness enthusiast and smart business owner, making the shift to Q just made sense for me. The product line was in alignment with my wellness philosophy, and from a business perspective, Q’s leadership, mentorship and compensation plan completely blew my mind! What really sealed the deal was the company’s integrity and core values that focus on Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness and Finance. 

Why Q, Why Now?


You get to shape the culture and be a foundational leader.  Right now, we are the fastest growing health and wellness company in the online space. If you get in with the right company, with the right leadership at the right time, the opportunity can be life changing for you and your family.

“Q is currently available in 26 countries and growing, we are less than 1% saturated. Your time is now”

The choice is truly yours, you are the boss of your business, if you want to go all in or part time to create a secondary income, whatever you choose, you still get the full treatment including:

Proximity and mentorship to the owners of Q, Corporate and Top Leaders
Opportunity to build an international business as we continue to expand globally
Participate in product trials prior to launching
Get paid infinite levels deep on a weekly basis
6 ways to earn an income with compensation plan enhancements that raise the bar in this industry
Access to a free financial coach to educate on investment strategies, debt reduction and savings 
Wholesale pricing, rewards program and money back guarantee



We’re a like-hearted community living the 5 F's on a daily basis

faith, family, friends, fitness, finances
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But also, with transparency, authenticity and integrity. It’s a community that lifts each other, no one gets left behind.

When You Are


to join network marketing, timing and resources WILL play a huge part in the success and longevity of your business.

WHEN YOU BECOME AN AMBASSADOR AT Q Sciences, I become your mentor and coach. Not only do you get me, but you also get direct access to corporate and field leaders and mentorship in business strategies. 

All the right tools to set you up for success

No hype, just simple, highly effective systems that work and mentors to help

All the right tools

Shari and Kim Marc and Jake.heic
Opportunity to build

an international business in more than 26 countries and growing.

-Close proximity to owners, corporate and top industry leaders 

-Personal and professional development

– you will discover a whole new you

-A culture of incredible individuals who want more out of life but also want to give back to their community

Show Me The Money
Uncapped earning potential with an aggressive and very competitive compensation plan with more enhancements coming soon.
-5 ways to earn including customer acquisition and team building
-Multiple incentive trips are offered, 
-Contribution to debt payoff or investments
shari on phone.jpg
Work From WiFi

Building a business from home—or wherever your heart desires has never been more simple! 

Become an entrepreneur that’s backed by a multimillion-dollar global brand. 

-You receive your own e-commerce site 

-Back office app to track your business, share content, and stay plugged in 

- MyQfit App (link to fitness/nutrition tab)

Innovative Wellness Products

- 25% discount on all products and bulk pricing available for retail partners 

-NO inventory as Q ships direct 

-Receive FREE shipping and earn rewards for FREE products with your monthly Autoship  

-Innovative new products launched regularly, not just one time a year! 

-Participate in new product trials and provide your input. 

Using a Touch Phone
Wholesale Pricing

Preferred Customer pricing and perks! Preferred Customers receive at least a 25% discount and can qualify for the MyQFit App and reward points toward free products with an Autoship Order. Orders can easily be placed online and products are shipped directly.

Financial Freedom Movement

Q Sciences Financial Freedom Movement contributes additional bonuses towards eliminating qualified debt or funding an approved savings plan to help you plan for retirement as you reach certain ranks and benchmarks



you may still have a ton of questions, and that’s great!

That means we are on the right track and triggering your curiosity, so don’t stop there! Let’s get those questions answered:

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